Thursday, 27 May 2010

Body on the Heath

One day a body was found on the Heath - nothing suspicious just some poor soul out walking their dog when their number was called in. The Police cordoned off the area though and news spread quickly through the village; it reached the ears of the Great and the Good.

Marching up to the constable left to guard the tape an important lady of the village demanded to be let through. The constable politely turned her away - enraged by this brush off she drew herself up to her full height and thrust forward her ample bosom, "Young man" she boomed, "I don't think you realise who you are talking to. I am the Chair of the Women's Institute and a Parish Councillor. The people of this village rely on me to inform them of what is going on here." Unimpressed by this formidable personage the Constable stood his ground. His number was duly noted and a letter written to the Chief Constable....

Occasionally the Great and the Good got their comeuppance.


  1. Your village sounds like the one in Midsomer Murders. That's full of uppity sorts. They must have about six murders per week and you would think the population would, by now, be down to single figures. Nobody in their right mind would chose to live there. I watch it when I'm deperate! :)

  2. We often said that!
    You wouldn't want to stay in a hotel that Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot or Jessica Fletcher were in either!