Friday, 28 May 2010

Mylita Coffee Filters

When we first arrived in the village it was the cause of great excitement; everyone rushed down to see the new shop-keepers and to give us their own expert advice on how to run a successful village shop.

"Never stock those bloody French apples" a worthy elderly lady informed us "Can't abide the French - they gave us no support during the war."

A great lady of the village came in and told us the secret to success was to stock "Mylita Coffee Filters", this (previously unheard of) wonderful product would have them all hot-footing it into the shop, she would always be in if we stocked them. Keen to show willing we bought an "outer" (there were 24 boxes of Mylita Coffee Filters in an outer) and we placed them prominently on display. The next time the great lady entered the shop the coffee filters were pointed out to her "Splendid" she bellowed "But I won't take any just now - I bought some just the other day. Next time I run out I will know where to come and get them."

It is fair to say that the coffee filters weren't the great customer magnet that we were assured they would be - a mere 4 years, 7 months and 12 days later (yes we kept a record) we sold the last of those 24 boxes! The great lady bought 3 of them - about 5 months after we sold the last box she came into the shop, anxiously scouring the shelves; I asked what she was looking for "Oh yes dear, you used to have those lovely Mylitta Coffee Filters here - have you moved them?"

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