Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Bee in Her Bonnet

It was a lovely warm July day and everyone was walking around in summery dresses or shorts and T-shirts. The Village Hall, next door, had been taken over by the "Best Village in Surrey" panel and they were interviewing (only pretending not to be) representatives of different groups within the village community. Everyone came into the shop on their way to or from the Hall to have a quick chat - or to go through to the Tearoom, we were all caught up in the excitement of the day.

Just before lunch one of the village ladies came into the shop - she was always charming and fun to be with, tall, well groomed and then in her late-50s. She was on her way into the Hall, looking cool in some tailored shorts and a pretty stripped T-shirt, representing the horsey fraternity. As she approached the counter I noticed a wasp on the collar of her T-shirt. I told her to keep still and I would flick it off but no sooner had the words left my mouth it disappeared into the the inside of her top and stung her - quick as a flash she pulled the T-shirt off and began to shake it so the wasp would fly off. We all stood open-mouthed, none of us quite sure where to look - she had obviously been in such a hurry to get dressed that morning she had forgotten to put a bra on. The lady who worked in our Tearoom calmly ushered her into the kitchen and applied some TCP to the wasp sting. She re-dressed the lady and sent her into the judging panel. We made no eye contact until the shop was empty. "Well" she said with a completely straight face "they were very brown weren't they?"

That year our little shop and Tearoom got second-place in the "Best Village Shop" category.


  1. That would have been an eyeful for u girls!!

  2. I would have loved to see that :)

    Do visit my blog. I got lovely pics for u girls

  3. She probably never wore a bra and didn't think twice about stripping off in front of other women. When I was at school we all had to shower together after gym, so were not shy about stripping off. I don't think they make them shower anymore.

  4. Sue the lady in the story was very earthy and no nonsense! I really enjoyed her company and even more after she did this!

  5. What? The village didn't get FIRST place? Well, it wasn't for want of trying! Ha!